Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K Last Summary

C4K Last Summary

The last C4K I was assigned to was Brooke's Class Blog, I really enjoyed reading her blog post about the book "Speak." I have never read it before but felt I received a great meaning of it through the summary. She talked about how she could relate to it because it reminded her of her peer and school she goes too. She explained how it told her what school is really like and how to deal with high school. In my comment, I discussed how interesting the book sounded and great it is to be able to relate our own life to it.

The second post I was supposed to comment on was "Light sabers and the Bastille," by Alex. He discussed the revolution and its conditions. He explained the events on the revolution and picked certain days to describe in certain details. He discussed how the peasants would come in and steal their secret weapons and start whipping out their light sabers. I commented saying on how I loved his graphic detail that was used in the post. His details and examples made me seem as though I was there. I loved how thhe took an event in history and blogged about it. Overall, it was a great post and I was impressed bu his writing.

The first person I was assigned to comment on was Hunter from Mr. Boylen's class. In his blog, he talked about all the exciting things he did this past summer. He talked about going down lazy rivers, water slides, camping, and playing in the sun. He went to Glacier Canyon Lodge with his entire family, but he did not have the experience that he was expecting. He talked about how the room and t.v. were dumb and they were useless. In my comment, I told him all about my summer vacation. I also told him about how I enjoy water slides and wish I could go there somebody. I enjoyed how thorough his post was and enjoyed reading all about it.

This image shows children on the internet being involved

My Final PLN report

My Final PLN Report

I am excited to write this report because I have come a long way from when I first began this class. I use to only use the internet for Facebook and sources for project and hardly used the computer. Over these past months, I have received so much more knowledge on the internet and useful ways to use it. I now use twitter, the green scree, IMovie, podcasts, and Skype. I recently learned to use Skype, Google docs, and IBook for the first time. I am thrilled to have learned about these new sources and how useful they can be to my school work. I feel like I have become more educated and my writing skills have increased incredibly from using and understanding the internet more. I also have learned how to record a Skype conversation and cut and edit podcasts. My PLN have improved incredibly and I am so proud to be more educated through the internet.

This picture of a laptop represents how I get to use the internet.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Project 13

Project 13

Project 13- Interacting through technology

For Project 13, My group and I communicated through Skype and Google docs. We really enjoyed communicating at home because it is sometimes hard for us to meet in person. I have never used Skype before and found it very enteraining and cannot wait to do it with my friends. Overall, we had a great group and were able to get alot done through these technology tools. Also, we found great meeting times and figured out exactly what our plan was going to be. We shared our google docs file with Dr. Strange and I put our Skype inerview on my blog.

This is a picture showing a way in which my group communicated

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Smartboard Project Part 2

Blog Post 13

Back to The Future Video

After watching Brian Crosby’s Back to the Future video, I was amazed that the statistics of students that are not aware of what is going on, were so low. I completely agree with him that it is because they are not involved enough with the outside world. They have been in a structured environment and have not be involved. He talked about how his class does experiments and works with blogging and wikis. He tells the students to write stories and to imagine if they were the balloons and discuss their experience. He tells them to remember they are a balloon and summarize their experience which allows them to think outside the box. After, they learn how to post these stories to the blog and embed it to YouTube. The students become amazed when they realize that people actually look at their blogs and comment on them. They start to understand what is going on in the world because students from other countries are beginning to comment on their blogs. They also learned how to use Google maps and learned how to find the location and time of the air balloon falling. The kids were so excited to open their laptops and write their reactions on this experiment. Other classes across the countries were jealous and wanted to do the project. The classes got to Skype them and explain to them how to achieve this project. These activities allowed them to be more connected globally and understand their surroundings. It allows them to be able to learn on their own and collaborate in the room and outside. I found this video very motivating and interesting to see how technology can enable these students to be so involved. They are enjoying learning and being able to teach other students and involving them in the learning process.
This represents the back to the future image that this article represents.

A Vision of Students Today

After watching the video, “A Vision of Students Today”, I was very touched because it was different and something that I have never seen before. I have sat in class and wondered the same thing, “What is the point of this?” I do not use my book in majority of my classes and as the teacher just lectures, I zone out. I feel like this is a different message being sent. This video is very realistic.

Throughout the video, students are holding up signs and writing statements on them. The statements are stating facts like how many hours they spend on the internet, the issues in the world, and the amount of times they read books, etc. I feel like the statements being written are very powerful. They are trying to send a message to the teachers and the university. They are trying to get out the message that sitting in a classroom with a lecture and not interacting is not catching their interest. They are using technology almost the whole time during class anyways so they need to incorporate it into learning. With students just sitting in a classroom, they are not being involved in the world. Textbooks will not solve all the students’ problems and they need to learn how to face their problems and figure out how to fix them. The world is becoming so advanced and I feel like teaching is not advancing with the world. Teachers are sticking to their old ways and it is only harming the students in the long run. I know from experience that when a teacher starts lecturing, I start wondering off and getting on my phone. If teachers start using these resources that students understand the most, then they will not get distracted and be able to apply what they learn.

I think that this video had a major impact through the silence of the students. I enjoyed how they wrote it all down and did not speak. It is scary to think about all the problems in the world and learning is one of them. Students are starting to lose interest because teachers are not changing their methods of teaching. Students are starting to learn differently and teachers need to understand that and change their ways. I really enjoyed the message and it really got to me.

This image represents the child or students holding up signs in class and they were saying nothing

Summary Post C4T #4

Ms. Lara’s Blog

I was assigned to read and comment on Ms. Lara’s blog. I cannot say how happy I was to be assigned to this blog because I feel like we have a lot in common. The first post I commented on was about her students reaching out to the community. She discussed how she feels like it is important for her students to get in touch with the outside world and help those in need. She stated that when she first talked about the can food drive the students were so excited and wanted to help out right away. I loved this idea because I feel like students should realize that there are other children in the world who need our help. It also allows the class to get closer and feel like they did something to really help out. I commented and told her how I thought this was a fabulous idea. I told her how I also would love to get my class involved with the outside world and make them feel special. I love going out and helping the community, so what better way than doing it with my students.

The next post I commented on talked about South Alabama’s EDM 310 students. In the blog post, she welcomed the students and talked about how thrilled she was to see them commenting on blogs and finding teachers across the world and studying their blogs. She also talked about how she took this class and how she loved it when she was able to comment on teachers blogs. She told us that she went and told her students all about it and read them our comments. In my comment, I told her how amazed I was that she took the time to mention us on her blog and loved how much she enjoyed it. I told her how I loved writing on teachers’ blogs because it gives you a different experience. I was thrilled to know that they read the comments and really take in what we have to say. I informed her that I felt like we were a lot alike and loved being assigned to her blog.

This image is representing children reaching out the community

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress on Final Report

Progress Report on Final Project

We are doing the IBook project. We have really made a lot of progress so far in these past two weeks. Each student in our group has collected all their information. We have picked out our blog post, taken our pictures, and filmed our videos. We have also wrote our groups paragraphs and taken our group picture. We have completed everything and have it all saved together. We are meeting two days this week to put all the information and resources in IBook. We are almost finished and I feel as though it is going to turn out great.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

C4K Last Summary of November

C4K Last Summary

The fist person I was assigned to comment on was Hunter from Mr. Boylen's class. In his blog Summer Vacation, he talked about all the exciting things he did this past summer. He talked about going down lazy rivers, water slides, camping, and playing in the sun. He went to Glacier Canyon Lodge with his entire family, but he did not have the experience that he was expecting. He talked about how the room and t.v. were dumb and they were useless because he never spent time in there anyways. In my comment, I told him a little about my vacation on the lake this past summer. I also told him about how I enjoyed going down water slides and lazy rivers. I asked him why he felt some things were pointless and would he ever want to go back. I enjoyed reading his post and it was long and gave a great story.

The second person I was assigned to was

The last person I was assigned to was Mariah. In her blog post Expression, she talked about how she has many different expressions. She said how when she is sad or mad, then she will act sad or mad. She said her expressions include how she dresses, talks, and walks. She also said how she wished she could just have one expression and that was it. I commented and told her how I also have many expressions. I told her how we were alike because if I am sad, then I act sad and I feel like that is just natural. I thought her post was very meaningful and took time to really make it how she wanted. I told her to keep blogging and keep up the good work.

This image shows a little girl blogging which explains the kids blogging in C4Ks

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post 12

My Blog Assignment

It took me awhile to find the perfect assignment to do for this project. I thought of many different ideas. After all my thinking, I feel as though I came up with the perfect one. This assignment will help students view technology from all different aspects and realize that it can be useful in all different ways. I also want students to choose their own articles and videos and be able to go out and explore the internet, not just have to watch a certain ones. I want them to pick the one that makes them learn the most and has an impact on them.
The first task is to find a video on helpful tools to keep active and discusses exercise. After you have found this video, you need to provide a link to it and write a paragraph summarizing the video. You need to talk about what the video discusses and how it impacts you. Also, talk about how it teaches you how helpful technology can be. Make sure you follow the instructions in Writing a Quality Blog Post.

The next task is to find a website that you think would be most beneficial to you as a human being. This website can be about anything like school, eating habits, hobbies, etc. I think this task will help you realize that exploring the web can also be great for personal reasons and not just to look up information or get on gaming sites. I think you should take this task seriously and use it to your advantage. Also, write a one paragraph summary on the website and do not forget to provide a link so I can view it.

The last task is to find the best educational website or video that you think would help you most as an educator. You need to use this task and take the time to really explore different sites and find the perfect one that provides you with helpful tools that will help you in the classroom. Think about your students and what might they be interested in and see whether these tools will get them involved and wanting to learn more. Also, write a one paragraph summary on the source and provide a link so I can view it. Follow the instructions in Writing a Quality Blog Post

Last, talk about what you think is the purpose of this assignment and why you think I assigned it to you.

Me achieving the assignment!

The First Task
I choose the video, 5 minute cardio workout, I thought this video was perfect because it was not too much but it got you off the couch and moving your muscles. In the video, the lady shows you five different exercises and you repeat them three times for a minute each. She also tells you to repeat the workout throughout the week. I thought this video was useful because it showed you that technology and your PLN can be used in so many different ways. Not only can you learn all different kinds of knowledge from the web, you can also learn to use it in ways that can help your body and keep you active. It is interesting to realize that many people say technology makes people inactive, but it can also make you active and give you workout videos.

The Second Task
I choose the website, I choose this one because I have problems with eating healthy. I wanted to use the internet to learn different diet ideas and how to eat healthier. This website showed me different tools to start a healthy diet. This site talked about not cutting down right away and gradually making yourself cut down little at a time. It also talked about smaller portions instead of just cutting meals or eating different foods. I am allergic to a lot of different foods and this website gave me different options with the correct food choices. It gave great advice and helped me with something I struggle in which is my eating habits. This website mad me realize that you can find almost anything on the web and you just have to understand that it is useful if you use it the right way. It is very neat to see how the internet allows you do view so many helpful sites and you can find the perfect one for you.

The Third Task
I found an exceptional education site; Interactive site for Education, this site allows you to work through your smart board or white board in your classroom. It is designed to get the kids and students interacted in learning. It has all different kinds of subjects, including holidays and typing activities. For example, it has an English/Art button, when you press on the button different activities pop up like your ABCs. These buttons allow you to work with any tools. The teacher can use these tools to play games or even get the students to come up and work the smart boards themselves. I feel as though students will enjoy this site because it will help them understand that learning and teaching is enjoyable. I really enjoyed going out and looking for websites that will help me interact my students in the methods I am trying to teach them. I have already saved this site as a favorite and look forward to using it one day.

Last, I believe the purpose of this assignment was to understand that the internet is a helpful tool and it can not only help you in the classroom but also at home. I feel as though it is important to show students that technology does not make you lazy, it can help you exercise not only your body but your mind. This assignment was great because it showed me that if you use technology in the right way then you will be amazed at the possibilities it has for students and everyone.

This laptop illustrates that technology can be used anywhere and for everything

Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4T#3 Summary

Kelly Tenkely’s Blog

I read Kelly Tenkely’s blog and found it fascinating. In the first post I commented on it was about using MyHisto. This is an internet tool that allows students to find out their heritage. She talked about how fascinated the children were when they found out where they came from. She said they started using the application at home and showing all their friends. I told her that I actually used this application myself and figured out where I was from. I am part Indian which I did not know. I told her how it is always fun seeing students enjoy something and taking it to the next level.

The next post I commented on was about the election. She shared a website in which you could go on and look and make your predictions about the swing states. I told her if I would have known about this I would have loved to make my predictions. She talked about the annoyance of all the political ads and how they made her want the world to end. I completely agreed because we were not even a swing state and I wanted the ads to end. I also told her that if I’m teaching during election time, I will definitely get my students to check out this website and make their predictions.

This is an image that shows itec technology and its symbol

C4K #2 Summary

C4K Summaries

I read Mac’s blog about Monkeys. He talked about how monkeys can swing, eat fruit, and act really crazy. I told him about my trip to the zoo when I first saw a monkey. I talked about how they are crazy and run and jump through the trees. I told him I loved his image and it fit perfectly with his post. I really enjoyed reading his blog.

Next, I read Susan Santoli’s blog, I really enjoyed it because she was writing from a different country. I found this very interesting. She talked about how she could find out what was happening in America through a TV station. She was thrilled to find out she can still keep up with American news. She talked about how the times were bad and the economy was struggling. I commented to tell her that she was right and the economy is also bad in America. I told her I was fascinated to find out her facts were correct, so she can really rely on Ireland to give her the American news.

Next, I read kkrysztofowicz blog, I really thought this one was creative. He talked about his weird dream he had. He made his dream into a poem and I found that very neat. In his dream, he talked about so many different things happening and they were crazy things too. I really enjoyed this post and told him how I also have crazy dreams sometimes.

My last C4K, was mschmitz’s blog, which was a poem about monkeys. This post talked about how creative monkeys were and I really enjoyed the creativity. I told her that I also loved monkeys. I also told her I enjoyed reading her poem and found it very fascinating that she was so good at poetry. Overall, I love reading these C4Ks and find it very fascinating to learn about them.

This is an image of children using their blogs

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Assignment

A World where Grades are left Behind

In the Article, “A world where grades are left behind” by Mary Beth Marklein, it starts off talking about how learning should become free and available to anyone. There will be no failure or tardiness to class because all the lessons will become games and enjoyable. It talks about how students would learn more if learning became a game.

He talks about how there is a blue and red pill. The blue pill is more like the teachers who just want to sit in a classroom and lecture all day. The red pill is more for teachers who want an adventure or seen a wonderland. Thrun talks about how he oversees the online start-up Udacity. This incredible tool will hopefully develop a catalog of free online sources taught by professors around the world. In one room, the students can create videos and use special effects with the instructors’ hands. In the other room, they are creating courses such as Making Math Matter that will engage students. These courses will allow students to play games while learning the subject of math.

Thrun talks about how the classrooms will eventually flip and learning will come from technology. He talks about how students should watch videos at night and then work on homework during the day. Classes will start to focus on more challenging exercises or quizzes that will help the students understand the concept. Also, grades do not need to come into account and education should be free. Grades are the failure of the educational system. Thrun wants education to come to you, whether than be forced to be educated.

After reading this article, I formed a completely different view on education. I feel as though Thruns’ ideas are brilliant. I would much rather learn from a game then a 20 minute lecture. If we were not forced to study and take test, then students would not mind actually learning and would enjoy it. If we were not graded on everything we accomplished or critiqued for it, then students would learn to find their limit and understand their potential. Thrun made some exceptional point s and understands the students’ minds and willingness to learn. If teachers allow them to learn the way they will understand, then students will start to enjoy being educated. Overall, I feel as an educator it is important to incorporate technology in your classroom. I hope that one day the classrooms will flip and students will start discovering new information on their own.

This is a picture of grades and showing the different grades

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blog Post 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Classroom

After watching Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom video, I found it very entertaining. I feel like she is right on target with learning. The kids look very involved and eager to learn more about their topics. In the video, it showed the kids making blogs and watching learning videos on the web. It also showed a tool called Wikis. This tool would allow the kids to post the topic or idea they wanted to learn about and allow people from other places comment about the topic. The peoples’ comments would help explain to the children what the idea truly meant. I loved this idea because that is how I learn better is through hearing and viewing different examples. Another fun thing Ms. Cassidy did in the classroom was she allowed the students to take videos. These video would help them learn by being able to view themselves later on and see their examples of the topics. Also, she talked about having a class webpage and on the webpage include different links that allowed the students to view them. These links included educational games and fun sites in which the kids loved to use. She turned learning into something the kids enjoyed at home and were eager to engage in their topics. I believe that kids learn more by being involved in the process rather than just being lectured.

The Skype between Sr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy

After watching the Skype video between Ms. Cassidy and Dr.Strange, I learned a lot about technology. I learned that anyone can do it. Dr. Strange asked her about here first time working with technology or what made her want to incorporate it. She talked about how when she was younger in a classroom, it was never used and that upset her. I completely agree about how technology was barley used when I was a child. I think that if I had the hands on technology and entertainment to learning as students do now, then I would have engaged way more and learned more. She talked about how her students now use their blogs to improve their writing skills, make videos, and use audio skills. Her students have enjoyed communicating with students around the world and learning the amazing things the web can teach you.

I found it very interesting that only one other teacher at her school uses technology to teach. I think that it will be very difficult to change, but it will be more beneficial in the end because that is what the world is working around. I thought it was great how she had the support of the parents and administrators during her teaching process. It also helps that she sent out letters explaining that she will keep the children safe and wants to help them learn through technology. I enjoyed her quote, "We must always keep learning," because the web is full of new information and students can always research new material.

I loved Ms. Cassidy's advice about start using technology where you are interested the most. She also talked about the use of social media. She uses twitter often which I found very interesting because I love twitter. I found it very neat that Dr. Strange actually found her on twitter and maybe I can find someone helpful tools on there too. I enjoyed that fact that depending on the assignment will determine the amount of times the children use their blog. It was interesting that she did not get them to blog daily, but I like that because they also use different tools in the classroom.

Overall, I really enjoyed Ms. Cassidy's blog and felt it was very useful. I loved listening to how she teaches and tools she uses in the classroom. It really opened up my eye to a new way of teaching and I really enjoyed it. I think that if more technology was incorporated when I was a child, then I would enjoy learning more. I feel as though I will use these methods in my classroom. I find that the most helpful tool that Ms. Cassidy described is to find out your students' interests. I will make sure I figure how they learn the most and use that to get them involved.

This is an image showing that the world must change through technology

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog Post #10

I'm a Papermate. I"m a Ticonderoga

After viewing this cartoon "Im a Papermate. I'm a Ticonderoga", I thought of several possibilities he was trying to send to his viewers. The main point I think this cartoon is trying to get across is that we are sick of the old pencil and paper ways. We no longer need just pencil and paper to learn because our world is becoming more advanced. I think that by saying the Ticonderoga is more money, they are stating the fact of wether we should spend more money on technology. Although paper and pencils are cheaper, it is no longer allowing students to engage in the real world. Students would not know what is truly happening in the world, if they were not able to use the internet. I believe the idea of just paper and pencils is gone and we need to start incorporating more technology in our students lives.

This is a picture showing the difference between paper and pencils

Mr. Spencer's Blog Post

I read his blog, "Why Were your kids playing games?", I really enjoyed reading it. It talked about how a teacher was interacting his students by playing games with them instead of memorizing material. The pricipal was throughly upset with this process, but what he did not realize is the children were actually learning the material. I think that it is way better to interact the kids because they actually learn the material rather than just memorize it. I feel as though the principal did not understand the concept of teaching. The teacher needs to get the kids involved and let them enjoy learning. When teachers tend to stick a worksheet in front of you and say memorize the material, my brain shuts down. I would much rather be interacting and enjoy learning the material.

Another blog post I read was, "Remember pencil Quests?", I thought this post was different and exciting. I wish I was in that class and could take exciting pencil quests. I enjoyed that fact that with a simple pencil he was interacting the students and getting them excited. Students were asking questions about where their going or how many pages they will explore. I think this reminds me of the internet because no matter what, you never know where you may end up. There are so many pages to explore and so much information. I cannot wait until one day, I will incoorate fun quests into my learning and get the students excited about this adventure. I feel as though he is saying that there should be no limit to learning. Even with a simple pencil, a student can go on a quest to reach their destination. Learning should be fun and should interact the students rather than just writing and memorizing with no purpose at all.

This is a picture of pencils which should show there is no limit to writing

Dr. Scott McLeod

After reading, "About me", I found out a lot of useful information about Dr. McLeod. He is serving as the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa. He was an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. Dr. McLeod also is the Founding Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. Most of all, he is recognized as one of the nation’s leading academic experts on K-12 school technology leadership issues. I found him as a very interesting man.

After reading his post, "Don't teach your kids this stuff, Please?", I enjoyed this post. I thought it was humorous and different. I can understand his point to an extent. I think that it was interesting how he told people to not teach their kids this stuff because he wants his kids to have a leg up. I feel as though if you do not let your children explore the internet they will never know what is going on in the world. The internet is a useful tool to learning and there is harm everywhere not just on the internet. I feel like teachers should explain the importance of using the web and show how you can use it for learning. He shows the negatives and explains how you should not show you kids the useful tools of the web due to the harmfulness of it. At the end, he states that he does use it with his students, which makes you think he does not want others to do it with their students so his will be ahead. Overall, I believe there will be issues with the web along with everything else. I think that our world is centered around technology and if you do not integrate it in your classrooms, they will be behind.

This is a picture of a baby using the internet, showing if children should be allowed on the web

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My PLN Progress Project #10

My PLN Progress

I believe that a person's PLN is very important in learning. I think that everyone should be familiar with the internet and be able to use it for useful reasons. I have found that throughout EDM 310 my PLN has improved dramatically. I am learning new and improved ways to search the web for helpful ideas and learning tools. I have become very familiar with Symbaloo. I registered and began using this site awhile ago and I am just now getting into it and using it almost daily. Another major source I use is twitter. I find interesting facts on my twitter home and also great comments by Dr. Strange and staff. Through being a student in EDM 310, I have learned that when I am on the road with tennis I have found it difficult to keep up with school. Whenever I leave, I get behind in school, but I am now being able to look at the internet and find different learning website that explain the assignments to me. I am also finding new and improved ways of chatting with friends from a distance and they are able to give me feedback on my work. For example, I have become a major user of Google docs which allows you and a peer to work on an assignment together. With this source, your peer can edit your paper without you ever having to go to her doorstep. Overall, I will continue to work on my PLN because you are always trying to figure out more ways to learn. I really enjoy how much EDM310 has improved my use of the internet. .
This shows the website symbaloo which allows you to keep track of your PLN progress

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog Post 9

What I Learned this Year, Volume 4

In the first part of his blog post called, You gotta dance with who you brought to dance, he talks about his image as an educator to his peers. He is extremely worried about what his peers think of him as an educator, instead of his superiors and students. Overall, he understands how his relationship stands with his current students but not his peers. He begins to worry which causes him to have anxiety from not truly knowing his peers opinions. He began to let this worry and anxiety affect his mood in the classroom. He starts to realize that he cannot worry about what his peers think of him as an educator and just worry about his students. He starts to remember that worrying about what his peers think about him has never helped him, but worrying about the students has made him the educator his is today.

The second part of his post called "challenge yourself", it is about how he became a routine educator. Mr. McClung found himself losing his creativity as a teacher. This is every educator’s nightmare and I would never want this to happen to me. He had taught Social Studies and AR history for years and was becoming bored with it. He started using old lesson plans and becoming less creative. Next year, Mr. McClung is going to teacher two new subjects called Pre- AP civics and American Government. He is very enthused over this change and feels it will increase his creativity because it is new material. He learned that you can never get to comfortable because your lessons will become boring and you will lose your students interest. He feels that losing the interest of your students is one of the worst things that can happen and he never wants that to happen again in the future. He wants to make sure his students will not resent learning as he did during childhood.

I loved this blog post because it was very easy for me to relate to as a student and a person. I feel in the first part of his post that he made a great point. Never change who you are to satisfy your peers. I have found myself as a victim of this and want it to never happen again. I feel as though if you change the person you are then you will end up disappointing more people in the future along with yourself. I loved the fact that he overcame his anxiety and worry and started to understand what was best for the students. I felt that Mr. McClung is a great educator because he realizes the wrong he is doing and tries to fix it out of the best interest for his students. One should never doubt themselves, always do your best and try to satisfy the people that matter most like students and superiors.

In the second part, I loved the fact that when his lecture became boring, he changed it. I can completely understand the fact of becoming comfortable with something and no longer giving it your full interest. I think that when he realized that it was affecting the students and realized he must change it was inspiring. I feel as though several teachers do not realize this problem they are having. If more teachers would fix the problem and teach something else, learning could be more entertaining. Overall, I loved reading this post because it opened up a new image of teaching and problems I never knew were out there.
This is a picture of Mr.McClung's class at the end of the year

What I have Learned this Year (2008-2009)

In the first part of his post, What I have learned this year, he talks about worrying about what he needs to show superiors rather than the student comprehension. He talks about how many teachers make the mistake (including himself) of trying to plan your lesson and know your path before you have even taught it. He feels as though teachers sometimes can be so concerned with the delivery of the content rather than the comprehension of the student. Also, he states how teachers should be flexible rather than trying to control everything. He feels as though teachers start to worry about themselves and their goals and forget about the importance of their students. He starts to talk about the importance of communication. He interprets how students must learn communication because that is how they can get behind and not understand the material.

Another great piece of advice that he talks about in his blog is being reasonable. Mr. McClung talks about how teachers tend to set high expectations for their students, but sometimes their expectations are too high. If these expectations are too high, then students will be set up for disappointment when they do not reach these goals. He states that their role for teachers is to pick them up when they fall and encourage them to keep trying. He also covers the topic about listening to your students. He tells how important it is to listen to what your students have to say because you may be the only one listening to them. It is always important to take interest in your student’s lives because it will show them that you truly care. Also, he tells us how teachers should never stop learning. He says how some teachers refuse to learn and grow as teachers, but you should never let this happen because if your students are learning then you should too.

I really enjoyed reading this blog post about Mr. McClung's first year as an educator. I thought he talked about some great topics. One that I really enjoyed was the communication topic. I think this one is very important because as an athlete, I have to make sure I communicate well with my teachers. Also, I loved how instead of trying to make lesson plans that satisfy your superiors, he makes them to satisfy his students which is very important. I enjoyed how he talked about being reasonable with your students because I can remember when I did not reach goals and it was very discouraging. Teachers should always encourage and boast their students because it gives confidence and that is what they need most. I really learned a lot from Mr. McClung's blog post and thought that he hit several familiar points that I can relate to. This really opened my mind about teaching and made me realize some important aspects

This shows a teacher communicating and helping the students learn

Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T #2 Summary

Principal Vincentsen's Blog

I had to comment on Principal Vincentsen's blog over the past month. I commented on two blog post by Principal’s Vincentsen’s blog. I thought these were great blogs to read because they helped me understand what I had sort of already known. The first post I commented on was about audio books. It showed how for students who could not comprehend well by reading could order books on tape. I thought this idea was excellent because I also had this issue with my reading skills. When I was younger, I could never read a book and understand what it was trying to say so this was a great tool for me.

The next post I had to comment on was the post about Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. This posts talks about the exceptional speech that was given on that incredible day. It talks about how still to this day how surprising that speech was and the inspiration within it. I enjoyed this post because I did not really know much about his speech until reading about it in this blog. I enjoy this assignment because it gives me another perspective on how other people blog.

This is a picture of audio books that expressed my concept on reading comprehension

Blog Post 8

This is How We Dream

In the videos This is How We Dream Part One and Part Two, Dr. Richard Miller gave a presentation at Rutger’s University titled “The way we teach now.” After reading and completing the assignments assigned by Dr. Strange, I have enjoyed exploring technology more and using it. Throughout my years of schooling, I grew up writing with pencils and pens and doing manual research. Schools in the future will eventually just have laptops in front of their desk and doing all their work through the web. I think that this method is great but I do not think that students should no longer use their pencils. I believe the pencil is an essential tool to learning and writing.

Teachers play a major role in student’s success and have affected every accomplished person in some way. No matter what tool students use to learn, it is always important that they get the correct amount of information to lead them in the right direction. Wether students are using pencils or the internet, learning is just as important and always has been. The difference has and always will be how much effort the student is willing to put into the assignments and how helpful the teachers can be. Mr. Miller talks about the increasing popularity of ebooks. I completely agree with him in the state that one day all books will be on ebooks and there will be no need to go to books a million.

I completely agree with the use of technology in order to enhance education. Without technology, I would be lost and would lose a major source for information. Without blogging, you tube, google crome, facebook, or twitter I do not know where I would be. I use the internet to help me catch up from class I have missed from tennis. It has helped me look up information to get me through the school year. I cannot imagine if my students did not have this same opportunity.

This is a child dreaming of the future

Carly Pugh Blog Post #12

In Carly Pugh's blog post, I was not surprised to see so many wonderful suggestion’s in Carly’s Blog Post #12. Carly has given me so many wonderful tips this year in her blog comments and lab sessions. I really appreciate her belief and use in technology in all the suggestions she shares with out class. After reading her post, I came to think a little bit different of technology and a greater appreciation for it. It makes me seem to be a bit more open about technology in general. I hope that one day I can be as excited and enthusiastic as Carly is with technology and her students. I cannot wait to use this advice Carly has given me with my students to improve my classroom.

EDM 310 Is not for Dummies or Chipper Procrastinators

The Is not for Dummies and Chipper Procrastinators were two great videos. The Chipper series started out with a girl who could not stop procrastinating. She drops out of school and begins to have job trouble which makes her become a student who can work hard. This video shows students how important it is to work hard and how procrastination gets you nowhere in life. EDM 310 for Dummies is a book that students are trying to sell. It is a book that gives students tips on how to get an A in EDM 310. All the tips have to do with is using tools that are provided for us. If we use what is provided for us, rather than getting overwhelmed and panicking then we will do just fine in this class. Also, we must always get our work done in a timely manner and not last minute.
These were not only informative videos but were very interesting and helpful. I hope to make my videos interesting and fun with I am trying to teach my classes in the future.

This shows a book for dummies

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

I found this video very interesting but not new information. Children are growing up using technology daily for social networks. Almost all kids grow up with cell phones or ipods or some sort of electronic device. Technology is something that kids grow up with but are using them for non-educational reasons. All these electronic devices are banned in a classroom, so it automatically gives off the negative vibe. Kids need to learn to use their electronic devices for education purposes and they would gain a lot of useful learning tools. As the video mentioned, all the technology and social networks that kids use it is a great environment for them to learn.
As a future teacher, I want to be able to incorporate as much technology as possible in my classroom. Children grow up using technology anyways and I want to teach them how it can be beneficial to them through learning. By using tools that children are already interested in can be very beneficial in the classroom. When students enjoy learning and listening then it is much more efficient. Overall, I found this video very interesting to watch.

This shows that everyone can learn to change

Scavenger Hunt

I really loved this idea of the scavenger hunt. It was not only fun, but a useful assignment. I found several helpful tools that will be very useful when I’m an educator.

I found a social network that both teachers and students can use called google docs. I find this network very helpful because the teacher can add something to your writing and you can view it through your own account. I have created myself an account and have gotten very familiar with it and cannot wait to eventually incorporate it into my classroom and work on my student’s paper at the same time they are doing it their selves.

I made my own comic by going to Make Belief Comix website. I think this could be a fun activity for my students in the future.
My comic can be viewed through Mary Angela's Comic

Animoto is a video tool that I have never used before. After looking at it I have seen some very cool features. It has a spotlight that allows you to spotlight a specific image. It also is very easy to share and download your videos. A really helpful feature of Animoto is that it automatically analyzes music and video clips. I cannot wait to use this is my classroom soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Post 7

The Networked Student

The video The Networked Student is very interesting and gives me a completely different view of students using the internet. It reminds me a lot of the class EDM 310 that I am taking now. Although, I feel like sometimes it is difficult to constantly use the web to search for different materials, it can also be easier. I feel like different educators decide to teach in different ways. Although some want to incorporate technology into their teaching where as others would rather just lecture. I feel as an educator, I will eventually have to make the decision of what I would rather do. Although, it is nice not having to come and sit in a classroom, be able to do the work on your own, and your own time; it can be difficult to not have someone in front of you telling you what to do.

Throughout the video, the student is taught by a teacher entirely through the web. They will meet on certain days and the teacher will teach him how to find answers on his own. She gives him a lee way by giving him tools and resources, but he spends most of his time networking and finding the information himself. The purpose the student is trying to do is to network around the world to find teachers or connections that can give him valuable information. The teacher never actually spends time in the classroom lecturing, but the student is still learning valuable information.

The questioned asked is, “Why does a networked student need a teacher?” I feel that a teacher is there for guidance and support. Without the teacher, the student would not have the resources or tools he or she needs to find the valuable information. For example, in EDM 310 if we were just given the checklist and no guidance, no idea where to find the information, or how to complete the projects, I would be lost. Without the teacher, there is no one there if you have questions or feel as though you are not on the right tract. Although there is a tremendous amount of information on the web, it is hard to know the right place to look if there is no one there to guide you.

This shows a student being connected to the web

A 7th Grader's PLE

After watching, A 7th Grader's PLE, I have seen many similarities to my PLN and the 7th graders PLE. I was stunned to see how useful she is with the internet. I have also started getting familiar with Symbaloo because I have recently been trying to get used to it. I am trying to organize my personal stuff from my school stuff. I think that EDM 310 has improved my PLN because I am becoming very familiar with the internet and learning several tools that can be very useful to me. I am also trying to find several links on the web that will help me with learning. When I am gone for tennis, I have to find different resources because I am no longer in the classroom to learn. I have found different websites and links that have helped me get through school so far. I am very lucky that my PLN has improved so much and I hope that I can eventually get to be as organized as the PLE by a 7th grader.

This shows a little girl interacting with the internet

Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K Summary

C4K Summary of September

My first blog I commented the second post on Mr. Capp’s class blog, it was about children learning math. I felt like this was a great blog for me to be able to post because I love math myself and enjoy being in the classroom. The class was learning subtraction and different ways you could complete this process. It started off giving a math story and how they want to buy a popsicle, they needed to know how much money it cost to buy them and the change they would receive. I gave the class many suggestions on what helped me learn math and enjoy it. I asked them questions about their class and what they enjoyed most. They had an interesting blog and I enjoyed reading it because it looked like they were having a lot of fun.

The next post I commented on was Broneq’s blog which was called Olympic. This post talked about the Olympic games in London. It talked about how the athletes must be dedicated and run to their fullest in order to achieve one. I told her that I thought it was a great topic to write about because it is a fabulous event. I told her how I was also a tennis player and would love to work hard to one day achieve a gold medal. I told her about the different competitions that I enjoy watching and asked her which ones she likes to watch. Overall, I enjoyed reading her blog post and found it very interesting.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Project #9a Timetoast

Blog Post 6

This is Randy Pausch teaching young students how one day they can become great educators

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

After watching, Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, I was very inspired. I felt like the hour flew by because he was filling my head with wonderful thoughts and ideas. He was very encouraging and there was never a dull moment. I think it is incredible that one man can be this upbeat while going through a life changing experience. Even though this is a long video, everyone needs to take the time to watch it. He gives exceptional points that will allow us as teachers to strive in the classroom. He showed us that no matter what the circumstances may be we must never give up on our dreams.

His first argument is about achieving your dreams. He talks about how he has ten tumors in his liver with six months to live. During this lecture, Mr. Pausch does not let this information bring him or his audience down which is very inspiring. He gives all of his personal dreams as examples. Although some of them are crazy and seem ridiculous, he does whatever it takes to achieve them and never gives up. I enjoyed his story about joining the NFL. When he was discussing this story, he talked about the importance of hard work and fundamentals. I really liked the point he was trying to get across about no matter if your dream is achieved you always can learn a great lesson. Although Mr. Pausch did not achieve this dream, he believed it allowed him to become one step to where he is now and achieving other dreams. His argument about overcoming the” brick walls” was exceptional. I feel that many teachers or students when faced with a challenge back down. Instead of not giving up and leaving your dream behind, I feel like everyone should overcome the “brick walls” and achieve their dreams. There will always be “brick walls” that will want to tear you down in life but they are just there to prove how badly you want something. Although he had several brick walls along the way, he never gave up and achieved his dreams. He should inspire everyone to overcome their fear and achieve their dreams.

Although Randy Pausch achieved some amazing dreams, he also had some incredible teaching methods. I really like his point to find someone like you to utilize your goals. For example, there was this girl in my classroom named Sarah, she was one of the smartest students I knew and I strived to be just like her. I would ask her help on writing notes and study strategies. She helped me reach my goals because I always wanted to be a good student and she taught me methods that have helped me become one. I loved his idea of never setting a bar on what you expect from your students because no matter what you always want them to achieve above and beyond. Another important strategy I enjoyed was always having fun in the classroom. I think this is one of the most important ones because learning should be fun. If the lesson is boring, then no one will pay attention and understand the message the teacher is giving. I always enjoyed the classes where the teacher would get the students involved and allow us to have a good time while still understanding the material. Lastly, the one thing that allows a student to excel in a classroom is the support of the people surrounding them. I was very fortunate to have good parents, tutors, and teachers always there for me. I feel like everyone should encourage students to always ask for help from their parents, mentors, or teachers. I hope as a teacher one day I can provide this help and support each student needs.

Overall, I enjoyed watching Randy Pausch’s last lecture. I feel like every student who wants to become a teacher should watch this video. It is very important for teachers to learn and understand these strategies. I know I will use them in my classroom one day. I enjoyed all of the lessons he was giving to his audience and how everyone should try and reach their dreams. I feel that if I use his lecture as a guide it will make me become a better educator.

Monday, October 1, 2012

CAT Summary

John Spencer's Blog

In reading John Spencer's Blog, I learned about different ways students can interact in the classroom and learn more. I enjoyed the way that John explained things by giving stories and examples. Although, the posts were confusing at first the more I read them the more I started to enjoy them. In his posts, he talked about the quest of the pencil in which his teacher told them they would go on a journey, but instead they were viewing the internet and looking for pen pals. This was a great experience they had and he felt that learning just got a lot better at that moment. He felt like the more the students interact with the internet and letting them teach themselves the more they get out of learning.
John also had another post which was explaining the Con Academy. This post explained how instead of students’ always writing essays and filling out worksheets they need to get involved with their learning and start becoming the teacher. It was a whole new method of teaching and it allowed the students to understand the material and work of figuring out and telling the class. In the post, he gave a story of the teacher proposing this idea to the principal and gave him his ideas. I really enjoyed that story because he used the classroom as an academy and asked are you really able to help all these kids? His answer was no but if you think about it there is enough children to help each other and that’s the whole point of the Con Academy. The point is that instead of making the teacher help all the students, the students can now help each other and learn in a whole new way. Overall, I have enjoyed reading the post by John Spencer and learning about different ways students can learn in the classroom.
This is pencils which exemplify the use of children using their imagination border

Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Post #5

The iSchool Initiative

The video The iSchool Initiative by Travis Allen, talks about instead of using books, paper, and notebooks in class this teenager wants to change everything in the school to operate through an I-touch which would be called I-School. There would be Apps for everything including maps, presidents, calculators, and all the subjects. Instead of students using paper for notes they would use the note App and would allow them to email the notes to their teacher and receive the notes as well if they missed class or didn’t get all the material. There would also be a classic App that would include all your textbooks and you would not waste any resources or paper. This App would allow you to turn pages and read the chapters straight from the I-school. I think the assignments App is an exceptional App because it shows you your assignments that you have to complete and your teacher can see them right away. I think this App is great because many students forget their assignments or need help from teachers and it is all given to you in an App.

After watching the video, I think that his idea is actually very interesting. I think that students and children already spend all their time on their iPhones and would be able to master these Apps because they are already so useful to students. One major important factor of this video is the money it will save the students and this is easier on the parents and students in college. Also, it helps the environment and people are always complaining on how our country is polluted and too many trees are being cut down, now is our opportunity to do something about it. I think this is a great idea and everyone is already so familiar with technology so we should incorporate it into schools.

This shows an itouch that will eventually help students learn

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Tour

I think that the Eric Whitacre's Virtual Tour by Eric Whitacre, video was amazing. Technology is really an incredible thing for someone to be able to do that with all the voices of different people. It was an incredible experience because I have never seen something that unique. The idea that he has never met these people is truly amazing and shows how technology can do amazing things. I think that this shows so much like how far technology has come in the world because no one has truly realized the amazing things it is capable of. Overall, it completely opened my eyes and I absolutely loved it.

This shows several different voices from unknown people being made into a choir

Why I flipped my classroom and Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ

After watching Why I flipped my classroom by Katie Gimbar and Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ by Dr. Lodge McCammon videos, I have come to the conclusion that I really am interested in this idea. I could definitely find myself using this strategy in my own classroom for a number of reasons. I think that all students are different and in order to keep their attention and them wanting to learn more you must challenge them. I think that this strategy is great because each student deserves to be on their own pace of learning and understand the material on their own time. I think that allowing the students to teach themselves and hear the lecture as many times as they need is the perfect method to teaching. I would really recommend using this strategy because I always learned better when the teacher was able to give me her attention and help me because I was embarrassed to ask questions during class. I cannot wait to use this strategy in my own classroom.
This shows a classroom that has been flipped which means the teacher has changed her methods

Teaching in the 21st Century

After watching the video Teaching in the 21st Century by Kevin Roberts, he thinks that teaching in the 21st century means to learn and understand the concepts. He thinks it is going to change through all the students because they are using the internet for everything like commenting, tagging, and searching for information. I think he is exactly right that the use for the web is becoming so popular in schools and students are figuring out the importance of it. I think that Roberts is correct that we must incorporate all the tools that students are already so familiar with and enjoy using into learning with these tools. The methods we choose to use to help these students must be challenging and I as an educator must challenge these students and make them work to the best of their ability. I do not think it will affect me as an educator I will just have to learn to use these methods into what I intend to teach my students and realize that they will learn better this way. I think the main purpose of the educator is to engage the students and that’s what I plan on doing even if it means I must change my methods.
This shows a computer which represents how educator will eventually have to transform all their work over to the internet